glowing batons

In order to insure that college students can start with a good quality baton, I offer a group rate discount. I send a variety of batons to the teacher of the conducting class and reduce the price of these batons down to $30 (regularly $43).

Teachers If you would like to arrange for a delivery of batons, or need more information, please contact Chris Blount at or by phone 763-439-7432. I would be happy to put together a package of batons customized to fit the needs of your class.

Students If you would like to pay for your baton online, complete the fields below to make a payment through PayPal. Confirmation of your payment will be emailed to your teacher, but you may also want to print a copy of the receipt.

Please Note The discounted price only applies to batons purchased as part of a bulk order. Individual, custom orders placed by students do not qualify for the reduced price.

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